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3 Fancy materials for Interior design

Fancy Materials for Interior design

  • Rockfon Koral Stone : The Rockfon Koral stone- wool ceiling panels have a pretty clean pure white surface. This panel not only just used for giving your house(interior) an astonishing look but it also has many others useful features for your house which makes your house even more beautiful and smarter.It is also one of the best materials for Interior design. The Rockfon Koral stone- wool ceiling panel offers sound proofing by absorbing the sound, fire proofing as it is made up of basalt rock and it can withstand temperatures up to 2150 Fahrenheit.

Rockfon Koral Stone

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Benefits :

  • Provide Better Sound Acoustics :

Two Factors to determine Acoustics of a Room

  1. Sound insulation : Good Sound insulations provides more privacy in rooms
  2. Sound absorption : It increases speech intelligibility, also able to prevent echoes.
  • Fire Resistant : Can resist up to 1177 Celsius.
  • Better Indoor air quality.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Water repellent.
  • Humidity Resistant.
  • Impact Resistant.


  • Rubber Flooring : Rubber flooring was mostly used in Gym’s or in some playground but in modern time it is slowly finding its way in our kitchens and in bathrooms because it is long lasting in nature as well as beautiful in looks. It is one of the best Interior design material used nowadays.

Rubber flooring

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Now Rubber flooring are available in many colors and in many textures.

Here are some advantages of Rubber flooring :

  1. Water Resistant.
  2. Durability : It is one of the most important advantage of having the rubber flooring because of its toughness and  resilient against a variety of conditions.
  3. Low Maintenance.
  4. Soft in nature.
  5. Fire and Burn Resistant.
  6. Variety of options in colors and in textures.
  7. Provides powerful sound barrier between multiple floors in a building.
  • Crackle effect painting :

Crackle effect

Crackle effect painting is a technique used on walls surface to give an antique or older look to your house.It makes you interior design looks like luxiourious.

Crackle effect painting can be used on furniture, walls or porcelain to give your house antique royal look.

Crackle effect paint procedure :

Apply the base coat of crackle paint to your surface, then allow the paint to dry for at least for 1 whole night. After that use the masking tape to mask off any part of your surface that you don’t want to crackle. You can use a brush a roller according to your surface, cut in the edges and roll on the crackle art finish.